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SharingOS Smart Bike is the most advanced and rugged bike for sharing, rental, and delivery purposes. It has dynamic 3-speed mechanical transmission gears.

SharingOS Smart Bike is also equipped with two state-of-the-art ANTSLOCK electronic lock systems for managing vehicles and batteries. After years of research and development, our 8th generation bike is extremely rugged. The product currently has a beautiful design, advanced technology and is sturdily built for active use.

SharingOS Smart Bike 

Indigo Weel-Bike-03.jpg

SharingOS Smart Bike 

Deployed to many cities around the world

SharingOS Smart Bike Video

Dublin Ireland

Anti Vandalism Design

We have invested in adopting new designs and top of the line materials to make our Smart Bike very durable. The video on the right is a video of our basket testing .

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