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Insights & Analytics

SharingOS Insights & Analytics is SharingOS’ data-driven branch for existing SharingOS mobility sharing partners or prospective companies and individuals looking to launch new mobility schemes. 


Leveraging the power of Big Data, SharingOS Insights & Analytics offers predictive and prescriptive analytics to empower operators’ future and present mobility schemes.

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SharingOS’ AI operations assistant ‘DAVID’ helps existing partners optimise their operations and vehicle fleet management through automated work processes. Specifically, this includes automated dispatching of vehicle redistribution and vehicle collection task which can be prioritised according to each operators’ KPIs and/or SLAs. Apply our API to your existing fleet of vehicles to optimise your operations.


Sharing Insight is a predictive analytics model designed for new operators by forecasting demand for mobility sharing services to help operators determine the optimal location and size for their next mobility sharing scheme. Applying transfer learning algorithms based on multiple contextual variables, Sharing Insight can help you make sure you have chosen the right location and size as you draft your scheme's business plan.

The calculator below can give you an estimation for your fleet size based on some variables listed. For a more customized report about the optimal location and size, please contact us, as we work on a case-by-case basis. 

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