SharingOS Mobility Sharing System

Bike Sharing System & Scooter Sharing System

In collaboration with SharingOS, it only takes a few weeks to start operation in your city. Except for operational matters, other technical tasks are left to us!

Step1 Chose your business model 

SharingOS Mobility Sharing System accommodates different sharing scenarios and has served clients in all these categories.

Industrial Parks



The Public

Step2 Chose your the vehicles

SharingOS system support the operator run multiple vehicles in one APP, so you can choose any type of vehicle according to your market.

Super Ebike

Model K

Smart Bike

Model K99

 Cargo Bike 

Moped Scooter

Step3 Chose Bike Smart Lock / IOT

The choice of IOT depends on the vehicle type, the situation of the local network operator, and the required functions.
SharingOS provides IOT solutions with large data volume with high power consumption as well as technical solutions with small data volume with low power consumption. We will provide the most suitable solutions and suggestions based on our experience.

T6 & T7 

Smart locks for T6 and T7 bicycles are mainly used in bicycle and electric bicycle series products.

S35 & S10

S35 and S10 mainly operate on Kick scooter and Moped scooter series products.

Step4 Chose your APP features on SharingOS APP Platform 

After 3 years of development, SharingOS has a feature-rich system, which is currently widely used around the world. The development of these functions poses challenges for operators in the operation process. Using SharingOS system can avoid a lot of risks and learn from our experience in various markets around the world.

Step4 You are good to go!

Are you ready? Let's start a successful operation!

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