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SharingOS offers a complete white-label iOS and Android app for free floating mobility sharing. With an intuitive layout and modern feel, the SharingOS app is fully customisable and supports a GDPR-compliant registration process, in-app messaging systems, multiple membership options as well as gamification and incentive features.


Fully compatible with multi-modal mobility sharing, the SharingOS app enables users to seamlessly switch between different vehicles using the same account.

Key Features

Customizable User App

• iOS & Android Apps

• Modern design & layout

• Geofence delimiting operational  boundaries

Simple Registration Process

• GDPR-compliant registration process

• E-mail, mobile, Facebook & Google registration channels

• Driver license upload

Rental Process

• Find and rent nearby vehicles

• Find nearby parking locations

• Automated warnings for misparking

Memberships & Incentives

• Daily, monthly & annual    memberships available

• Point system to gamify and nudge users

User Engagement Features

• Coupon & marketing codes

• Refer a friend scheme

• Share rides on social media

User Interaction

• Connected with customer    service ticketing system

• Simple & intuitive user damage reports

• Direct messaging function

Management Software

Backend Console

A centralised platform to effectively track your mobility operations remotely.

Engineer’s App

 A dedicated software app linked to the Backend Console for on-street operations.

Key Features

Vehicle Fleet Management

• Your fleet at a glance in visual and list format

• Access unique vehicle information

• Dedicated software app for maintenance

Operational Optimization

• Vehicle map with filters for vehicle usage rate, battery level, alarm state, etc.

• Automated task creation and assignment    

User Management

• Obtain unique user info (GDPR-compliant measures implemented) • Track user behaviour such as current orders and past journeys



• Data visualization on aggregate usage rate, individual user retention, etc.

• Geospatial heat map & stop order map      

Vehicle Parking Management

• Map to add and search vehicle parking locations

• Automated misparking warnings assigned to users

• Misparking warning list

Billing & Invoicing

• Asynchronous billing, rebilling and refunding system

• Automated financial reports

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