SharingOS is a full technology provider that works with entrepreneurs, mobility operators and governments. Select our different collaboration models and contact us for more specific information on our package solutions.


Designed for mobility operators and entrepreneurs, SharingOS’ white-label free floating mobility sharing solutions are ideal for you to kickstart your shared mobility operations. Simply choose what type of vehicle you want to start sharing and click contact us button at the bottom of this page to find further specification and pricing information.


Designed for existing rental systems and shops, SharingOS’ solutions can help you digitalise and upgrade your existing rental system. Contact us to see how our Long Rental package solution can help you fully participate in the sharing economy.


Designed for vehicle manufactures, SharingOS is your chosen partner to help adjust your fleet of vehicles to the sharing economy. Our solutions are retrofittable and universally compatible. Simply contact us to find out which of our solutions is most suitable for you.


SharingOS actively seeks to collaborate with local authorities to help build the cities of the future. Contact us to see how we can be your technology provider for any government tender you may participate in.

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