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"We wanted a solution that integrated a team of world leading software developers with a hardware product team that had the requisite attention to detail needed to source high quality bikes and parts. The SharingOS team have delivered on both these fronts and we have enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing to work with them over the decades to come."

Hugh Cooney

CEO & Founder at

BleeperBike Ireland

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Europe’s leading multimodal free floating mobility sharing service

Since late 2017, Indigo Weel has been a pioneer in the free floating mobility having launched in 8 cities in France. Since October 2018, they have been a multimodal free floating service with the launch of their e-scooter sharing service in Toulouse.


In collaboration with SharingOS, Indigo Weel exhibited its range of forthcoming products at the Paris Autonomy Show.

Find out more about Indigo Weel.

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UK’s first large scale free floating bike sharing scheme

YoBike is SharingOS’ first project and the first first large-scale dockless bike sharing scheme to have launched in the UK. Beginning operations in Bristol in May 2017, YoBike has since expanded both domestically and internationally, with operations starting in Southampton in September 2017 and Harleem, the Netherlands, in June 2018.

Find out more about YoBike.

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Mexico’s leading free floating bike sharing scheme present in 5 cities

VBike is Mexico’s leading free floating bike sharing scheme helping Mexico tackle pollution and inner-city congestion.


With a large presence in Mexico City, VBike is a leading player in the recent push for first and last mile connectivity solutions.

Find out more about VBike.

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