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Coffee Robot C1 PRO

We have taken our robot barista to the max! Our all new C1 PRO is a fresh and new model  - adding yet another exciting addition to the Robot Barista series and even more coffee variations for coffee lovers.

Based on our software & hardware operating experience in the field of smart IoT smart devices, and the convenience of local companies in the United States, SharingOS Inc became Hestia Robotics distributor and service outsourcer in the United States from 2022, and providing direct services to American customers and effectively Improved customer satisfaction.

Currently SharingOS Inc provides the following services.
1. Sales and service of COFFEE ROBOT hardware.
2 Door-to-door installation service of COFFEE ROBOT.
3. COFFEE ROBOT training guidance service.
4. After-sales support service
5. Upgrade service for IoT robot equipment.

CoffeeRobot-Touchscreen and C1 Pro Right Side.png

C1 Pro was built based on the key parts with technology giants around the world!

C1 PRO Front with QR Scanner.png

C1 PRO Specification 

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