The Global Mobility

Sharing Platform


SharingOS’ mission is to empower mobility operators in order to promote the rise of mobility sharing worldwide. We believe that our solutions are helping bring about a global mobility revolution, which ultimately helps cities worldwide mitigate against urban congestion and reduce carbon emissions.


Key to SharingOS’ vision is the belief that for shared mobility to work globally, it first needs to be accepted locally, working with local stakeholders and adapting to local conditions. SharingOS’ white-label platform allows operators to do just that. Our solutions help bring a more convenient, consumer-focused mobility service, which helps operators run their schemes with an easily operable and reliable technology.

The SharingOS platform empowers mobility operators in three ways:


  • Patented hardware solutions especially designed for the mobility sharing markets

  • Exclusive access to our close supply chain network to ensure quick scheme roll out


  • Reliable software system proven in multiple markets

  • Vehicle agnostic: start with one vehicle and seamlessly integrate other vehicle services as you grow


  • Learn from our previous operational experience to successfully enter the competitive mobility sharing markets

  • Receive ongoing insights from our platform on how to optimise mobility sharing schemes

SharingOS has helped establish a network of global partners. Joining our mobility sharing platform means not only having exclusive access to our software & hardware solutions, but also reaping the benefits of a wider knowledge & insight sharing network of mobility sharing partners.

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