SharingOS Has a Full Range of Smart

Connected Vehicles for Shared Mobility


SharingOS’ hardware solutions are designed to cover all mobility needs, covering from the first to the last mile. All of our vehicles are smart and connected with our IoT devices, which we can then plug-and-play into our multimodal mobility sharing software system.


SharingOS offers electric kickscooters specifically designed for the sharing economy. Our electric kickscooters are fully integrated with our IoT devices which are connected to the SharingOS software system.


Super Ebike

The SharingOS electric bicycle has a whooping range of 100-120 km designed for free floating sharing schemes. Our electric bicycle is powered by battery swapping technology ensuring ease of operations.


SharingOS’ electric scooters have a

40-80km range and are powered by battery-swapping technology, meaning that an operations team can swap the battery on the spot. Users are able to locate these scooters, lock and unlock all via the mobile application.

Model S.png


Being a full mobility provider, SharingOS has multiple locks for our partners to choose from to meet their mobility needs. Our lock range of locks are universally retrofittable and have been designed with anti-theft features.

Copy of T6Lock1 (2)_edited.png


SharingOS offers 3-speed smart mechanical bicycles for public sharing, specifically designed to ensure safety and maintenance efficiency. They come fully equipped with SharingOS’ digital locks and we have more than 30,000 of these vehicles operational worldwide.